Podcasting is a powerful tool for business owners to build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and create loyal audiences. Have some questions? Check out our most frequently asked questions.
Typically, 3-4 months. Many factors affect launch time such as how much time you and your team have, the complexity of your podcast format and publishing schedule, how quickly you can book guests and the ambition of your launch goals
It can. However, podcasting still lacks good discoverability (but there are lots of clever folks at Spotify Apple and other platforms working on this!) We believe in not only integrating your podcast into your existing digital marketing campaigns, content strategy and social strategy but also appearing on other podcasts.
So many reasons ” increased engagement, lead generation, community building and thought leadership to name a few. It’s also important to look beyond just downloads. Are you reaching a new audience? Can you invite a potential customer as a guest? Is your consumption rate higher than a blog or video post? We believe in tracking all of this.